Sleep is Overrated

I’ve been offline for a while…kids, school, work, and life has gotten on the way between me and sculpting. But I’m back at work. It’s always hard to find time to do what you really like to do, or what you really want to do; and I’ve thought about long and hard on what I should sacrifice. Here are my options:

1. Family.

2. Work (not applicable)

3. Playing Video Games.

4. Drinking beer/social life.

5. Running.

6. Sleep.

7. School.

It seems like an easy decision to some but difficult to others, like me. I’ve decided to sacrifice sleep over sculpting. Who cares about sleep? I don’t. I’m tired the next day anyways, I feel like I’m almost as effective at work than if I didn’t get any sleep. I don’t feel anything while I’m asleep, it’s almost as if I’m dead while I’m alive. Plus, we all have this miraculous drink called coffee, which makes your feel like you’ve slept for 12 hours for a good 25 minutes. So if you effectively drink your coffee around the busiest 20 minutes of work, you’ll seem like you are doing just as much work as if you’ve only slept 3-4 hours. Finally, when I get home and it’s time to sleep, I’m never tired, therefore it’s the perfect time to start sculpting…it just makes sense.


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