Winter is Coming.

Ned Stark is the man that made these series stand out from the rest. If you ever watched the series without reading the books, Ned Stark is the biggest disappointment in television history. He gave us one of many reasons to hate King Joffrey. But thankfully, R.R. Martin made up with the rest of his amazing story.
I made this sculpture a bit in a hurry, I’m still wanting to add a couple things, like the cape and the sword, Ice. I’ll post an updated photo when I add the rest. Thanks and leave a comment to tell me what you think!

Ned Stark Games of Thrones
Ned Stark from Games of Thrones in Polymer Clay

2 thoughts on “Winter is Coming.

  1. What is your material of choice? Is that clay, or another sculpting material? And do you paint after modeling, or model with colored material from the start?

    1. Polymer clay is my material of choice. It’s cleaner, and hold lots of detail. I paint after modeling only after I do a big project, but most of the time I like to use colored material. I think it bring out the color a lot better than painting!

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