The Hound

After firing up my first 8 Game of Thrones sculptures, I started making Sandor Clegane and Sansa Stark. I’m going to use a bit of a different approach with this next batch (8 more). I’m going to do all the heads first, and then once I’m done I’ll do the bodies. This approach will allow me to spend more time on the faces (one head per night) then I can take as much time with the bodies. Also, thinking about instead of doing just plain figurines, I’m going to start making “scenes,” much like I did with Ned Stark and his “Winter is Coming” sword-holding scene that became a staple for the series.

Sandor Clegane 0 Sandor Clegane 1 Sandor Clegane 2 Sandor Clegane front face in clay Sandor Clegane head in polymer clay The Hound Sansa Stark 1


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