Making Gregor Clegane Pt. 1

My next polymer clay scene is one of the craziest scenes in Season 1 of Game of Thrones. After Gregor Clegane (Conan Stevens) gets un-horsed by Loras Tyrell in the Hand’s Tourney (is this considered a spoiler?), Gregor gets so pissed-off that he cuts his horse’s neck. As the sword cuts down into the horse’s flesh–like butter I may add, it bursts blood everywhere, sending the horse down to the ground front-legs first. This scene looked real enough to me to feel bad for the poor horsey. I don’t care how much you read about Gregor’s viciousness, this scene wraps it up in about 5 seconds!

Making Gregor Clegane in polymer clay took me about 3 hours, and it took the same amount of time to make the horse in clay. I spent a considerable amount of time on the Mountain’s head using different techniques. I was a bit concerned with the baldness and the transition in the hair-line, considering I didn’t use any paint. I used the needle tool to fill-in the transition of the head and beard little by little, which ultimately worked. The horse was a pain because I never made a horse before, but I think it came out okay. My biggest challenge was making his body and face look like a horse and not a dog.

Gregor Clegane Body Clay 1
Shape the body
Gregor Clegane Body Clay 2
Covered it with dark clay and added the neck detail
Gregor Clegane Body Clay 3
Cover the legs with black
Gregor Clegane Body Clay 4
Make it stand/pose
Gregor Clegane Body Clay 5
Covered the legs with black and added the feet
Gregor Clegane Body Clay 6
Added the skirtwith details (made the details before adding it to the body. Started on the big arms.
Gregor Clegane Body Clay 7
Put the arms together with the big shoulders. I still need to add the armature to support the arms, legs and head.
Gregor Clegane Face Clay 1
The head, first I add the cheeks
Gregor Clegane Face Clay 2
Cheeks, chin and forehead added and smoothed out
Gregor Clegane Face Clay 3
Added a bit of detailing
Gregor Clegane Face Clay 4
Teeth and eyebrowns
Gregor Clegane Face Clay 5
The beard!
Gregor Clegane Face Clay 6
I think it came out okay
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 1
I star with two pieces for the house. I have foil paper inside of them
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 2
Legs, now it looks like a chicken
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 3
Front legs
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 4
Horse head…still looks funny
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 5
Smoothing out the clay
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 6
Adding a coat of black clay
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 7
After covered in black clay, started on the hard part…the details.
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 8
He’s sticking his tongue at you.
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 9
Horse butt
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 10
Horse Head with ears
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 12
Whoa a horsey!
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 13
Adding details, you see that bunch of clay there? I used it to do the saddle, just mixed a bunch of left-over colors
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 14
More Details, the saddle color came out great!
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 15
Looking good
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 16
Add a bit of hair
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 17
House Clegane Banner.
Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 18
Added it to the horsey

                       Gregor Clegane Horse Clay 19 

The Mountain--one of my references for my sculpture.
The Mountain–one of my references for my sculpture.

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