Rob Stark Head in Clay

Making Robb Stark



Tonight I decided to do one more face in clay. I didn’t know which Game of Thrones character I should do since I’ve done most of my favorite ones. I started to make Robb Stark. He’s not a huge character for me, but he is definitely a great addition to my collection.


 As always, I kept the same technique on filling the head with foil paper. This allows the head to be more rigid. Your fingers push through clay pretty easily when clay it’s warm, so this helps it keep a good stable sculpture.


 Once I got the chin and the forehead structure right, I started by placing the nose and drawing the mouth. Then I began on the details.


 It was easier than I thought to make him look like Robb. It was basically just getting the square chin right, and some of the forehead. When it came turn to make his curly hair, I decided to use a different technique this time.


 I covered his head with a thin layer of brown clay, and then I added small triangular pieces to show its curls. Once I got done with that, I covered the seams and started on the hair detail.


 The last part was his beard (and the longest). Since I refuse to use paint, this process can be very annoying. I add the beard piece by piece until it finally started to look like Robb Stark.

Robb Stark in Clay



Robb Stark Hair in Clay

Robb Stark Front Face

Robb Stark without a beard

Making RObb Stark's Eyes

Robb Starks Nose and Face

Robb Face in Clay

Shaping the Face Robb Stark


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