Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, also known as the Old Bear

Jeor Mormont caricature in polymer clay

One of the greatest Lord Commanders the Nights Watch ever had, Jeor Mormont. He is definitely one of my favorite characters to build in clay and also in Game of Thrones! I think he came out pretty flawlessly. At first I was worried that the body would not proportioned well with the head, but when I got done, I added his coat around his neck and used one of my tools to make it “fluffy” and once the head was put in, I saw the Old Bear in action! I really wish I had more space, I would definitely do some clay animation. Hopefully soon! Hope you like it! And don’t forget to order your customized clay caricature in http://www.claycature.com today!! If you order today I will do the a second clay character half off!!


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