You had one Job

You Had One Job,Samwell Tarly and Jeor Mormont Comic

I made these two polymer clay miniatures thinking of the Game of Thrones scene known as the “you had one job” with Sam and Mormont in season 3, episode 1 of the series. So once I got done “cooking them” I wanted to take more pictures of them, so I had an idea.

I’ve seen plenty of memes with the “you had one job” inserted on them, they actually have websites about it, and I think they are hilarious. So I decided to do a little “clay comic” with them. Unfortunatly, they were already cooked so I could’nt manipulate them, but I was able to move the camera around to catch a “proper” expression.

I think it came out pretty good and I think I’ll be doing a lot of them. However, I will do it before I cook them, so I can get more manipulation of the characters. I’ve taken pictures of the entire “set” so you can see how I did it. I used a little photoshop to add layers and cropped the actual character. I think it came out decent for my first time.

Sam Mormont Comic 1 Sam Mormont Comic  image Sam Mormont Comic 2 Sam Mormont Comic 3 Sam Mormont Comic 4 Sam Mormont Comic 5 Sam Mormont Comic 6 Sam Mormont Comic 7 Sam Mormont Comic 8 Sam Mormont Comic 9 Sam Mormont Comic 11 Sam Mormont Comic10You had one Job


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