Khal Drogo, Jon Snow, Ned Stark, and Robert Baratheon, done.

I think I can probably change, add, modify, and improve these characters for days, but I think I’m going to just finish them, at least with these four. I have re-visit them, improved them a bit (from the rough finish) and now I think I’m ready to bake them for good. There are some small changes that I could do in some of them, but I think I’m pretty happy with the end result considering these are suppose to be caricatures of the actual characters. I hope you like them! When I’m done with all of them I’ll end up taking a picture of them together, and maybe I’ll use them as cake toppers or something. I’m still going to add Jon Snow’s dire wolf later (I was going to tonight but I’m too tired). Also, I forgot to mention if you have an Instagram account, follow me at “claycature” (I don’t know how to link it to WordPress yet).

They finally meet Khal Drogo.
They finally met Khal Drogo.

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