Winter is Coming.

Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, Ned Stark. I revisited the polymer clay character (look on my earlier posts to see when I first made it) to pose more like the picture. I did some major improvements with different techniques with his hair, eyes, beard, texture in his arms and different colored hands (to match the picture). I had a hard time believing that Ice (his sword) was so small, but when put him in perspective it is actually just about right. I also added the one thing that made Ned Stark, his wolly coat! I think it came out pretty good. I mixed brown, black, and tan clay to give it that mixed colored look. After I made Jon Snow, I knew that Ned had to be re-done a bit to make sure he looks bigger and badder than his son (?…). I hope you like it!

Winter is Coming
Winter is Coming.

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